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This is komadori’s repository of things Swindon. It’s not comprehensive, just a selection that interests me.

Here you’ll find a directory of restaurants & bars in Swindon and another of estate agents in Swindon and the surrounding villages. If listings aren’t your thing, sit back and enjoy the photographs of Swindon and its latest suburb Wichelstowe. For something more serious, go down into the archives for documents of recent political interest, or across to komadori’s blog for comment on current events in Swindon.

If none of that’s for you, scroll down for some useful links related to Swindon and an internet search to help you on your way.


Met. Office weather
Swindon forecast 
51° 34′ N, 1° 47′ W

Lyneham observations
51° 30′ N, 1° 59′ W

Flood warnings
River Ray & Swinbourne 

River Cole 


Swindon bus info

Stagecoach in Swindon

Thamesdown Transport


Rail timetable

First Great Western

Train times now!

government & politics


Swindon Borough Council

Blue politics

Yellow politics

Red politics north

Red politics south

The stuff at the bottom  詰らない事

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