Swindon Councillor attendance 2009

This data is taken from a trawl through the record of meeting attendance for 2009 on Swindon Borough Council’s website. An entry in the attendance page of ‘Present’ or ‘In attendance’ is taken as meaning they were there, and any other entry as meaning that they should have been there but weren’t. Note that I have considered all meetings for which councillor attendance is listed on the council’s website: some of these committees are described as ‘independent’, but presumably are closely related to the council’s business otherwise why would they be listed?

Note that since the end of 2009, Mr Wakefield has become an independent councillor.

The data is also available as a comma separated text file [0.4 MB], Excel spreadsheet [1.9 MB] or OpenOffice spreadsheet [0.2 MB]. (Right click on the links to download.)

Note: the links in the table below are to a very large page [0.5 MB].

CouncillorPresentIn attendanceApologiesAbsentExpectedAttendedTotalAttendance rate
Albinson A420642425478%
Ali J232611253376%
Allsopp S270510273382%
Baker P502005771%
Ballman J281200293194%
Ballman R163300192286%
Barnett R313002343694%
Bawden M83600111765%
Bennett A361500374288%
Bluh R2710300374093%
Bray M412700435086%
Cherry G170010171894%
Childs M270503273577%
Darker S141100151694%
Dart D483500515691%
Dickinson M232600253181%
Dobie I502205956%
Duff M162120182186%
Edwards M2012600323884%
Exell S190200192190%
Fanning M2311401243962%
Findlow P120110121486%
Fisher R202110222492%
Foley F288300363992%
Ford B1200001212100%
Glaholm D133301162080%
Grant J173100202195%
Greenhalgh P1912201313491%
Heenan D250010252696%
Holland R2001120203361%
Howard F360501364286%
Lovell C214300252889%
Mallinson P360500364188%
Martin M150720152463%
Martin N197520263379%
Mattock B344600384486%
Moffatt D302101323494%
Montaut D2240002626100%
Morton W1820002020100%
Pajak S2821001304173%
Parry K350300353892%
Peake A100500101567%
Perkins G278001353697%
Renard D3411400454992%
Sammels D5042051145%
Shaw E702500727794%
Short J301010313297%
Small K173400202483%
Smith G2001001203165%
Stoddart P230201232688%
Tomlinson J241100252696%
Tomlinson V612501636991%
Wakefield S110010111292%
Williams K328901405080%
Wiltshire M161282172959%
Wood D230110232592%
Wren D140100141593%
Wright R235110283093%
Young P151601162370%

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