Swindon Councillor attendance 2010

This data is taken from a trawl through the record of meeting attendance for 2010 on Swindon Borough Council’s website. An entry in the attendance page of ‘Present’ or ‘In attendance’ is taken as meaning they were there, and any other entry as meaning that they should have been there but weren’t. Note that I have considered all meetings for which councillor attendance is listed on the council’s website: some of these committees are described as ‘independent’, but presumably are closely related to the council’s business otherwise why would they be listed?

Political affiliations are shown as they were at the end of the year. Note that during 2010, Mr Wakefield left the Conservative Party, for a while sat as an independent councillor, and then joined the Labour Party.

The data is also available as a comma separated text file [0.4 MB], Excel spreadsheet [1.9 MB] or OpenOffice spreadsheet [0.2 MB]. (Right click on the links to download.)

Note: the links in the table below are to a very large page [0.5 MB].

CouncillorPresentIn attendanceApologiesAbsentExpectedAttendedTotalAttendance rate
Albinson A440510445088%
Ali J341811354578%
Allsopp S211610222976%
Baker P101200111385%
Ballman J272700293681%
Ballman R161200171989%
Barnett R130300131681%
Bawden M111300121580%
Bennett A551402566290%
Bluh R2612400384290%
Bray M390703394980%
Cherry G303103743%
Childs M330711334279%
Darker S170300172085%
Dart D514700556289%
Dempsey M150500152075%
Dickinson M161400172181%
Dobie I5043051242%
Duff M141610152268%
Edwards M1610400263087%
Exell S140110141688%
Fanning M5072051436%
Findlow P160110161889%
Fisher R150900152463%
Foley F256100313297%
Ford B150400151979%
Glaholm D621008989%
Grant J190400192383%
Greenhalgh P175400222685%
Harrison A174101212391%
Heaton-Jones P180100181995%
Heenan D3140003535100%
Heenan J140910142458%
Holland R210310212584%
Howard F300300303391%
Hurley R170111172085%
Lovell C264700303781%
Mallinson P286530344281%
Martin M140610142167%
Martin N252411273382%
Mattock B325300374093%
Millin J301003475%
Moffatt D245100293097%
Montaut D2170002828100%
Morton W190301192383%
Pajak S191911203165%
Parry K450100454698%
Peake A170610172471%
Perkins G2810200384095%
Renard D339102424593%
Russell R310300313491%
Sammels D102201520%
Shaw E451500465190%
Short J281010293097%
Small K201200212391%
Smith G91901102050%
Stoddart P240500242983%
Tomlinson J1100001111100%
Tomlinson V531400545893%
Wakefield S204202242886%
Williams K226201283190%
Wiltshire M1601100162759%
Wood D140531142361%
Wren D170200171989%
Wright R275001323397%
Young P702007978%

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