Mwaa-mwaa! Welcome to the Homepage of Pingu's Friend

Where the ascii penguins come to play

                                    Mwaa-mwaa  _o)
                    Mwaa-mwaa                  /||
                               _o)            _|_V
                  (o_          /\\           __--__
                  //\         _\_V         _/      \__
                  V_/_      __---___      /           \
-----------  __-------__ --/        \----/             \-------
---------___/           \--\________/----\___        __/-------
--------/                \-------------------\______/----------
-------/                  |------------------------------------
-------\_              __/-----(';----_o)-----------_----------
---------\____________/--------/ |----/\\----------<_><--------

Pingu's Friend is a seal.

      _ / |

He has a name, but is very shy and won't tell you what it is.
(You can find it at some of the sites below).

He likes anything with fish in (fish cakes, fish wine, fish vodka...)

Sealish being a rather limited language (apparently the only word it contains is 'Awk!'), Pingu's Friend has studied Penguinish at the University of the Antarctic, so that he can send emails to fellow penguin fans.

Some interesting links for penguin fans:

Official Pingu site

The original Pingu theme tune

Close approximation to the new Pingu theme tune, used since about 1998.

Penguin Place
Online shop selling wide range of penguin goods, but no Pingu ones.

The Penguin Club - Coming Soon...

Sony Japan Pingu Mechandise
This is mainly in Japanese, but many of the image links are in English. It is an online shop, but only accepts orders for addresses in Japan. Worth seeing, just for the unbelievable range of Pingu goods on offer, including a 1 metre high cuddly soft toy Pingu!

Penguins Gifts

Penguin Zone

Pingu's Page

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