University of Confusion

It’s nice to see that my local MP has such a good grasp of a significant issue in her constituency. According to the local newspaper, she said

Alan [Johnson, Education Secretary] echoed my disappointment and Michael Wills’ disappointment, and of course the council’s, that the university is not coming here and has decided to pull out.

And I think he explained his scepticism that the university is quoting the Stern report on climate change as the reason why it should not come here.

Err… climate change affecting university development? Not quite. In fact, nowhere near. Neither of the University of Bath’s recent press releases mention climate change nor the Stern Report. They do mention

the Government’s priorities for the future development of higher education are shifting towards increased opportunities for study whilst in the workplace.

as set out in a letter to HEFCE from Alan Johnson and the government commissioned Leitch Review of Skills. But nothing to do with climate change (except for the political hot air quoted here).

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