A glossy one: local elections round 4

Whilst I’ve been undertaking an in-depth study of cocoa levels in eggs, the first offering from the blue nest has plopped through my letterbox. A 16 page glossy A5 booklet — clearly they have money to spare. According to the waffle on the back cover they are ‘more green, more local, more family-friendly and less arrogant’. That localness is clearly demonstrated by the vast amount about what they are doing in my ward. A big, vast zero. Not a single mention of anything specific for the people of this ward. (There is a mention of their plans for the canal, but that is primarily for visitors to the town centre — benefit to the inhabitants is just consequential.) Highlight of the booklet is the index that tells me that Page 1 is the Front Page. Wow! Such insight!

I’m less impressed which their spun financial statements, where they compare the figure for three years’ worth of Council tax rises under the previous administration, with one year’s worth of increase under their own administration. Surprise! The rise in one year (3.4%) was less than that over three years (42%). For the record, the three blue years have seen an increase of over 11% compared with 42% in the last three red years, which I’d have thought was a good enough comparison itself that didn’t need to be spun into something bigger.

I also read that “it’s the Conservatives who are repairing, maintaining and restoring the parks, leisure centres and the Wyvern.” Hmm, would that also be the same Conservatives that halted restoration of Faringdon Road Park within months of taking over, when it was only half completed, and have proposed to close the Health Hydro?

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