A long wait for dinner

A local school has just resumed serving school dinners after a gap of two years. Apparently they can afford to provide them themselves now but could not do so when the council provided the meals.

Haydonleigh Primary School shut its kitchen in 2005 because of the spiralling costs of buying in meals through the borough council.
But, with a grant from the Government’s Jamie Oliver Fund to provide better ingredients, equipment and training for school cooks, the school decided to bring in a kitchen manager and assistant of their own….
“The school couldn’t afford to keep the kitchen going with meals from the borough council”….
Although the price of meals has gone up, from £1.65 three years ago, to £1.90, Mrs Stevens feels the price reflects the better quality meals on offer and the improvements made to the kitchen.

So let’s be clear, the price has gone up by 7% per year (I make 2005 to 2007 a gap of two years, not three) and they are getting an extra subsidy, but providing the meals is affordable now whereas is wasn’t before. I hope these people aren’t teaching economics at this school.

Seems their grasp of nutrition is not wonderful either.

“I’m trying to make it with healthier brown flour, and there’s nothing really wrong with pizza if you can do that,” she said. “And I’ve hidden vegetables in the sauce.”

There’s only ‘nothing really wrong with pizza’ if you forget about the fat that the cheese contains. A school of organically grown fat children is on the way.

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