Murmur on the TransWilts Express

The TransWilts Express (Stagecoach appear not to do hyphens) is to get some new buses. Being an ‘express’, they’ll be luxury coaches then? Err… no. Double-decker buses actually. Route 49 may start off at a fair gallop from Swindon across the Marlborough Downs to Avebury (where Eric is no longer behind the shop counter to disorient tourists with his american accent), but then slows to a canter to take a detour to the well known citadel of Bishops Cannings before heading into Devizes. Then a trot through Seend Cleeve and Hilperton before reaching Trowbridge, a mere one hour and twenty three minutes and thirty miles after leaving Swindon. A stunning twenty miles per hour! More Trans-Wilts Trundle than TransWilts Express.

Still, with 147,780 passengers per year, there’ll be plenty of conversations you can listen in on to keep yourself entertained.

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