Vote local: local elections round 8

The blue nest have finally popped something through my letterbox that tells me who their candidate is. Apparently she’s my ‘Only Local Choice’. If anything maybe too local. I’ve previously noted where the main candidates have located their nests. What’s not clear is whether the one local egg will stretch her wings much beyond the Broadgreen area. The Railway Village, Shrivenham Road, Westcott, and Rushy Platt areas are part of Central ward too.

Strange too, that, although in an area of Swindon that is graced with one of the blue nest’s In Touch websites, it’s the only one not to get a mention on their leaflet. Perhaps because it features the slightly less local Councillor Dickinson, who seems to have done a runner to West Swindon for re-election (where he’ll be even less local), and the none too local at all Councillor Darker.

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