If it looks like a garden fence…

Having once lived, for four years, in a house facing a six lane dual carriageway trunk road, and for most of my childhood having lived very close to a main railway line, I’ve always been of the opinion that, if you chose to live by a main traffic route, you should accept that it’s going to be noisy. Not so the parishioners of Stratton St Margaret who, after six years of campaigning by their local MP (like most of the parish councillors, a red nestling), have had £160,000-worth of ‘acoustic barrier’ (tall wooden fence to you) constructed alongside the A419 Stratton Bypass, with another £240,000-worth to come. A resident quoted in the newspaper sums up my views.

Student Scott Jefferies, who lives behind the new fence in Winton Road said: “I don’t really think the fence has made much difference. You can still hear the road from outside but you can’t really hear it indoors at all. And to be honest you just get used to it. I have lived with it so long I hardly notice it anymore.”

If the picture of the MP grinning in front of the fence is typical, that’s hardly surprising: a dense growth of trees is clearly visible behind.

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