The wandering Councillor Glaholm (who chairs Swindon Borough Council’s Scrutiny Committee) has escaped with a formal police caution. He seems quite keen to play down what this outcome implies.

The only thing I am going to say is that I haven’t been charged and the matter is closed and my solicitor advised me to make no further comment and I won’t.

One does not get a police caution through being innocent. To quote the Criminal Records Bureau:

A caution is a formal warning about future conduct given by a senior police officer, usually in a police station, after a person has committed an offence. It is used as an alternative to a charge and possible prosecution.

and to quote from the Home Office:

A caution can be given when there is sufficient evidence for a conviction and it is not considered to be in the public interest to institute criminal proceedings. Additionally, the offender must admit guilt and consent to a caution in order for one to be given.

It would be interesting to know in what way it was not in the public interest to proceed with a prosecution in this case.

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