Wheelie rules

As I cannot find them elsewhere on the internet, here are the rules for who won’t get a Swindon Borough Council wheelie bin, taken from an article in Central Outlook by the Western Ward councillors.

A wheelie bin will provided for each household except if:

  1. the wheelie bin would need to be manœuvred up or down a number of steps;
  2. there is no storage space available for the bin without it being taken through a dwelling;
  3. the property is a flat where there is no suitable storage area for a wheelie bin;
  4. the front garden of the dwelling is too small to accommodate a wheelie bin and there is no alternative access;
  5. the visual appearance of the bin would detract from the street scene (in conservation areas and designated town gateways only);
  6. there is not a safe location where the bin can be left for collection because of steeply sloping street or other reason;
  7. on-road parking or other reasons would result in wheelie bin collection being an unacceptable obstruction to the highway.

Exactly how many steps they mean by ‘a number’ is not stated. This and the ‘other reasons’ will be determined by the men from the council.

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