Older but not wiser

One would hope that someone who once worked in education would know a little about the effect of demographics on school numbers. It would seem not. Our illustrious MP, commenting on Swindon Borough Council’s plans for eleven new schools in new housing developments.

I ask has the number crunching been done correctly we don’t want a situation as in West Swindon where too many places were created that weren’t necessary, I’m not entirely persuaded that three are necessary.

Err, no. They were necessary, but not anymore. To quote from the council’s Core Strategy.

It is a feature of major new residential areas that initially they are composed primarily of younger people – families with children. Future development proposed at Swindon is considerable, and includes several major new development areas. There will an early requirement for schools, nurseries, and health centres in these areas…. At the same time, the needs of the existing urban area will need to be protected, as the ageing population causes a reduction, or change, in the need for schools in some areas.

Seems as though Ms Snelgrove could do with some more time in the classroom herself.

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