Annie’s report

Today I have been the recipient of part of Ms Snelgrove’s £144,330 annual expenses spend: her parliamentary report. Being paid for with tax payer’s money, the criticism of the local blue nest is more subdued than usual, but it remains pure classic snelgrove.

Whatever I do in my work at the Houses of Parliament, I always think ‘how would this affect Swindon?’

Really? I presume she next thinks ‘What do the party whips want me to do?’ and the answer to that always takes precedence over the effect on Swindon. It’s nice to see her concern for the rural areas around Swindon too.

Constituents in rural areas often feel their concerns are not as high on the council agenda as those of more urban communities. Smaller villages need to retain their individual identities and I want to make sure that they are not ‘lumped in’ with other areas.

Well, perhaps she could make a useful contribution by opposing her own government’s imposition of 34,000 extra houses around Swindon over the next twenty years. Or would that be too much like putting the interests of Swindon before her attempts to crawl up the political ladder?

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