An apology

I feel I should apologise for overstating how obvious the ‘no black bag collections after 5 November’ statement was. Looking out in my street a few minutes ago, there was not a black bag in sight (our traditional collection would have been tomorrow morning), but Westcott Place and the Railway Village are very much black bag ago-go areas. I thus deduce that the little-yellow-label-on-plastic-bag’ communication method was not uniform across the town and other less fortunate souls may have had this important communication via more obscure means.

I also note that some in the Railway Village have taken the ‘there will be no collections from the alleyways’ message to heart, and have moved their wheelie bins to the fronts of their houses.

I’m not aware of there being a ‘Most incompetent communications exercise’ competition for local councils, but it seems that the current administration would be the unchallengeable winners if there were.

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