All lit up

Before the lights went onI’ve seen the new new illumination of St Mark’s church during some of the testing. It’s pretty, but not quite up to Mr Bluh’s now customary exaggeration.

St Marks is a stunning building, and lighting it up is a simple yet effective way to showcase that architecturally, Swindon has more to offer than some people might imagine. It will also benefit Swindon’s nightscape generally.

As the council’s own press release states,

The Church will be illuminated by energy-efficient LED lamps mounted on the building itself, rather than by floodlights. This allows the features to be picked out more effectively and with more subtlety.

Subtlety, not a concept Mr Bluh seems to be familiar with. When illuminated the church appears as a low-key glow across the Park, rather than a ‘new and positive landmark to identify the town’… especially when one considers that the David Murray John tower is prominent nearby.

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