A slow news week

Over at the Adver it has been a slow news week. Not because there isn’t much to report (though to be honest, there isn’t much to report), but because their new gee-whiz website is rather lacking in gee and totally lacking in whiz. The site has stumbled along since the revamp, struggling to serve up news stories.

It seems that in the rush to make things more interactive, Newsquest, which owns the Adver, have forgotten the importance of thorough testing before unleashing their developers’ handiwork on the public. They’re not the first, by a long way, to make this mistake in the rush to convert sites to “web 2”. What does seem to distinguish them is how slow they are at putting things right.

Either that or someone thinks it’s a clever way to persuade people to go and buy the newspaper instead of waiting and waiting… and waiting in front of their PC for the Adver website to respond.

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