Brunel FM’s all-repeat weekend

I suppose that as they’ve got rid of all their weekend presenters, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Brunel FM’s weekend output has been rather below par. For much of yesterday morning it was playing their emergency recording — which kicks in after about twenty seconds of silence — between the hourly news bulletins. The recording is a little dated: Haddaway can’t have had so much airplay for a long time!

At some point towards the end of the morning presumably someone corrected it, and a more up-to-date set of tracks was programmed, with adverts too Even then it wasn’t right, with the emergency recording kicking in at ten-to each hour. There was worse to come. Today has been nothing but the emergency recording, which lasts a little over an hour, on permanent loop. No news bulletins and no adverts either, which can’t be helping the station’s financial problems. Just to rub in the problem, the jingles are highlighting a programming policy from several years ago.

Brunel FM. Home of the no replay weekday…. We never play a song more than once during your workday.

They’ve certainly made up for that this weekend.

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