MPs’ expenses

Parliament has today published the expenses and allowances claimed by MPs in 2007/08. The figures for Swindon’s MPs are:


Member Cost of staying away from main home Office running costs Staffing costs Centrally purchased stationery Stationery associated postage costs Central IT provision Staff cover & other costs Comms Allowance
Ms Snelgrove £20,913 £21,605 £89,656 £2,917 £3,277 £1,078 £0 £8,923
Mr Wills £20,766 £10,216 £100,554 £1,732 £5,254 £1,328 £2,429 £9,406

Travel expenses

Member MP Travel: between home/constituency/Westminster MP Travel: Other Rail Spouse Travel Employee Travel
Mileage Rail Misc Spouse Total No. of Journeys Employee Total No. of Journeys
Ms Snelgrove £2,853 £5,096 £264 £25 £90 2 £532 18
Mr Wills £580 £834 £0 £0 £39 0 £0 0

Add in their salaries of over £60,000 and each of them has cost well over £200,000 a year. Mr Wills already publishes his expenses in full detail but Ms Snelgrove is more reticent. She may be proud of what she delivers for that price; I think the people of Swindon deserve a refund.

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