It now seems that there’s more than just the marketing plan that’s been forgotten by the company setting up ‘free’ borough-wide wireless internet in Swindon at our expense. From the latest comment by Mr Hunt it’s obvious that even the plans for setting up the wi-fi are vague.

It won’t be fully functional in Highworth until probably about January 15. After that we will have a better idea.

Probably about? Just what sort of commercial delivery plan is as vague as that for a deadline just three working weeks away? This also suggests that last week’s ‘launch’ of the wifi service in Highworth was a sham and nothing more than a publicity stunt.

For a project that’s costing us almost £½M, I expect something far more robustly planned and thought through than this. I expected our council leaders to have demanded such robustness too, before they used our money for this speculative investment.

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