I realise this is a little churlish, as I think the proposal to re-introduce hot school meals to all Swindon schools is sensible. It’s just that one of the reasons given is somewhat at odds with conventional wisdom.

Swindon Council wants to see all pupils in the town’s schools getting a warm nutritious lunch to give them energy throughout the day.

Err… have they not heard of ‘the afternoon nap’ as brought on by a filling midday meal? But if, as suggested it is to give them ‘energy throughout the day’, perhaps they mean breakfast… or that the anticipation of the meal to come will get the children excited during the morning.

One other thing. Since when have meals at schools been school lunches: they’re school dinners as served by staff known as dinner ladies (I suppose that would have to be changed now to dinner persons). Lunch is the toff’s meal.