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Merry Christmas

With the season of over-consumption now definitely upon us, komadori wishes his small band of regular readers a merry Christmas and prosperous New Year. Normal service will resume once the festivities are over.
(For those that wonder, the odd-one-out in the photo is komadori’s North American relative.)

Sign of the times

Whilst walking home today, I saw shop fitters putting up the illuminated signage on a newly refitted shop at the local parade of shops. The shop, formerly a letting agent, had been closed for over four years and continues a recent upturn. The 12 bar is doing goodish business (despite its odd approach to opening hours), the local sub-post office was refitted just over a year ago and is now much brighter and the pharmacy was refitted after flooding last autumn. The Shanghai restaurant and associated take-away do a steady trade and the Greyhound pub has gained the business of the locals that used to frequent The Ship (now the 12 bar). Only the second-hand hardware shop and florist seem to be customer-free zones. So I hope the new shop does well.

The sign? ‘Smakosz Polish Delicatessen’.