It’s nice to see that the self-styled world’s local bank puts the security of its customers’ money below above increasing opportunities for it to flog them more debt. It has redesigned its internet banking. It has such improved security that even their online demo of the new system and FAQs have to remind customers not to forget they are logged, should they take advantage of the new feature of browsing the rest of HSBC’s website without logging out.

Is there anything important I need to remember when using the new-look service?
Remember that, whilst you are viewing other areas of the site, if you are logged on Internet Banking will remain active in the background. It is important that you remember this and don’t leave your PC unattended.

There is a brief explanation of why they have changed their internet banking service: the ‘increased’ security (nothing more than changing one of the on-screen prompts during login) is not part of that.