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With so much serious news around, what was the main topic of conversation in the canteen today? Mr Brown’s new cabinet?  No. The car bombs found in London?  No. It was whether, after weeks of frequent heavy showers, anyone would get a chance to mow their lawn between the downpours this weekend. There’s nothing quite as distracting as tall grass.


Walking to work through Faringdon Road Park this morning, it was nice to see the daffodils coming out. Not so good to see so much standing water. It’s hard to believe it is less than two months since the hosepipe ban was lifted.

I also noticed that the path on the side that was not resurfaced and widened a couple of years ago is now badly broken up. It is a pity that the money cannot be found to finish this work. Walking round the park, half is very good and the other half looks uncared for.