Paint your own transport policy

Swindon Borough Council has big plans for improved public transport in the town.

A series of ring roads, a giant car park north of the railway and a new bus exchange form part of Swindon Council’s battle plan to tackle gridlock.
As the town prepares to accommodate 35,000 more homes over the next 20 years, the authority is seeking support for its Vision for Transport plan….
Among the suggestions are proposals for extended pedestrian and cycling areas in the town centre.
There are also designs to provide a transport corridor for buses if the canal is given the go-ahead in Faringdon Road….
[Council] spokesman said: “There is a perception that taking the bus is not a desirable way to get around, whereas trams are nicer.
“These buses ride like a tram, which fits in with our aim of making public transport more popular.”

The local bus company seems to be trying to add to that perception that ‘the bus is not a desirable way to get around’. One of their drivers refused to allow a pensioner onto one of their buses because he was carrying a pot of paint.

“I struggled on to the bus and the driver said you can’t come on with that, it’s highly explosive, you will have to get off”….
Grandfather Mr Stratford, of Wheedon Road, bought the 750ml tin of Buckingham green paint on Thursday morning to coat his garage doors.

Driver stupidity? In part… but also company policy.

Thamesdown’s managing director Paul Jenkins apologised for the inconvenience caused. He admitted the driver was wrong to say he couldn’t carry the paint for fear of an explosion but said it was “discouraged” from buses for fear of spillage….
“It is company policy not to carry tins of paint because of the risk of spillage but the driver was incorrect to suggest it was due to a potential explosion.

When has a pot of green paint ever harmed anyone? More seriously, how often does a brand new pot of paint readily part with its lid, even when dropped?

Thamesdown Transport’s majority shareholder is Swindon Borough Council.

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