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Online renesting

After a week of technical messing about, komadori has moved his blog from Google’s Blogger to WordPress. A rather messy process, that lost all the comments along the way (though there were never many). I’d have been quite content to continue using Blogger — it was easy to use, gave good syndication tools, and did not take too much technical angst to customise a site’s appearance — if it were not for Google’s obsession with integrating everything with Google Plus. I know what my brand is and how I present that, and rather resent the likes of Google insisting ever more loudly that I change that to fit in with their views on online anonymity and identity.


Regular readers may have noticed that recently it has been a little quite at komadori’s green corner. I’ve been busy, so much so that there’s been little time to comment on the ongoing saga of wifi (not) happening in Swindon, nor on the prolonged attempts by the council to remove street traders from town centre streets. I’ve not even had time to observe, until now, how the recent law allowing people to petition councils is now exposing the atrocious behaviour of some Swindon councillors to a much wider audience. I’m still watching, but have not the time to write much.

Today komadori is undertaking a short migration, to a new nest near the edge — for the moment — of town. Normal service should resume once the new nest has been adequately feathered, and duties elsewhere return to a less frenzied level. Blogging will remain light until then.

A new location

As you may or may not have noticed, I have relocated this blog to a new internet address, www.komadori.me.uk, but, by the wonders of Google, links to the old blogspot address will all redirect to the new location.


My internet connection is restored. ’Tis sods law that I’ve been disconnected whilst Swindon has been making the national news. Once I’ve cleared a backlog of other correspondence I hope to resume posting late this evening.

Unscheduled absence

Owing to a distinct lack of service from Virgin Media — they have ‘accidentally’ disconnected both my telephone and broadband and the earliest they can make an ‘emergency’ reconnection is next Thursday — there will be few, if any posts here for the coming week. Normal service will resume as soon as normal service from Virgin Media resumes.

Merry Christmas

With the season of over-consumption now definitely upon us, komadori wishes his small band of regular readers a merry Christmas and prosperous New Year. Normal service will resume once the festivities are over.
(For those that wonder, the odd-one-out in the photo is komadori’s North American relative.)

The campaign for weekly rubbish collections

The rather active populous at the other end of central ward have set-up a new blog for the campaign against fortnightly rubbish collections, as opposition extends in Swindon beyond the local area. For those interested in the campaign, it has some useful information. The same people have also reported a certain level of confusion from the council workers as to who will have a wheelie bin collection and who will not. To tell people that a wheelie bin is only for storing rubbish in and that rubbish will not be collected from it (they need to take the rubbish out of the wheelie bin before putting it out for collection) is to bring the whole process down to the level of farce.