A prophesy fulfilled: local elections round 7

The latest little glossy leaflet from the red nest fulfils komadori’s prediction for the election. In a strange reversal of political reality, it claims law-and-order to be the responsibility of the local council and waste and recycling collections to be the responsibility of national government. In a strange reversal of economic reality, it claims that ‘house conversions have continued unabated into unwanted flats’ yet of those same unwanted flats ‘The high rents have driven people into multiple-occupancy and overcrowding.’ Prices rising for an unwanted commodity…. Novel.
Most bizarre though are some of the implications about their candidate.

With over 26 years experience of community representation as a councillor I know when a community has been let down.

Would that be through personal experience of letting commun­ities down yourself? Perhaps the reason why you were unelected a few years ago?

Derique is a former Mayor with over 26 years experience as a Councillor in Swindon.
If the Tories were truly ‘In Touch’ why have they not sorted things out?

Err… and why didn’t you sort them out in your previous 26 years as a councillor, for much of which the red nest was in control?

As as a fine example of layout editing, in this glossy leaflet, below a photograph of a grimacing grinning Derique

They are happy to spend lots of your Council Tax money on glossy brochures full of cheesy smiling faces.

Someone take that pistol away quick, before they shoot themselves in the foot.

At least they’re telling me about their candidate, even if it’s not believable. So far communications from the red nest outnumber those from the blue nest four-to-one, and there hasn’t been a single chirp from the yellow nest yet.

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