Identi-kit candidates

It’s so nice to see so much independent thought from the candidates across Swindon in the local elections. For example, from the red nest, from Highworth to central Swindon, via Abbey Meads and Haydon Wick, compare and contrast. Just one four-or-five line paragraph of biography, then identical political statements. Are the needs of central Swindon really the same as rural Highworth? The blue nest is not much better. From Western ward through Gorsehill & Pinehurst to Penhill, all three candidates claim

I am community minded and as a Councillor will always put local residents first and be a strong voice only excepting the very best for residents – no excuses…. I have the energy, enthusiasm and drive to be a first class Councillor.

An interesting choice of words. Candidates Watton, Gallavin and Tomlinson, all committed to not giving Swindon the best: ‘a strong voice only excepting the very best for residents’. Proof-reading, what an undervalued profession. ’Tis slightly refreshing to see that their central Swindon candidate thought of something different to say. How about the yellow nest? Wow, they each have something different to say… or nothing to say at all.

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