Political violence?

I doubt it. Almost certainly delusions of importance, if the words of the independent candidate in the recent election have been correctly reported. His former colleagues in the red nest may be annoyed that he chose to stand against one of their elders but, as an independent, he was hardly a threat.

A FORMER mayor who chased two youths who had just smashed his car window says he thinks that yob culture has taken hold…. Mr Cox… was an independent candidate standing for Central Swindon at last week’s borough council elections.

Before travelling to the Oasis leisure centre to wait for the results to come in, the rear window of [his partner’s] white Mazda was smashed.

He said: “I’m very angry this has happened. I don’t know if this was a political act or not, but even if it wasn’t it’s stupid and pointless…. We are quiet people who are peaceful and enjoy our garden. We have done nothing to provoke this.”

It is not known what the two teenage assailants used to break the window as no brick or heavy object was found by the car…. Police are looking for two youths, who are about 15.

With less than a third of the ward electorate voting and our ex-mayor getting less than 5% of the votes, it would be a miracle if the two youths even knew of his past, or his present ambitions.

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