The deputy leader of Swindon’s red nest seems unsure as to what caused one councillor’s encounter with the law to make it to the front page of the local rag, and another councillor’s encounter with the law just got a small mention on the inside pages.

Two Councillors in the paper too for alleged misdemeanours. Interesting one is a front page article and the other one a few lines on an inside page. Not sure if that’s due to the worlds obsession with sex, or political bias?

Unless she has never read a UK newspaper, I’d have thought that was simple to answer. The outspoken Councillor Glaholm arrested for kerb-crawling, or Councillor Heenan charged with failing to produce a driving licence, driving without insurance and failing to display a valid vehicle excise licence (and one of those charges already dropped, apparently). For an editor of a local daily paper with nothing much to report and looking for a salacious headline, the choice is obvious.

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