A wheelie success…

I see from the December edition of Central Outlook that Ms Darker is having a few problems with the English language.

Fly-tipping In Central
Residents have complained to me that some irresponsible people are dumping their black bags. Our officers have been through the black bags and have ascertained names and addresses of those guilty of dumping and they will be prosecuted. The wheelie bin rollout has been hugely successful and I hope residents will contact me with details of any dumping so that we can tackle this immediately. I fully support the Council policy to introduce wheelie bins. We face the threat of a fine from Government if we don’t meet our target to recycle and and reduce landfill. This fine could be as much as 6 – 7% on Council Tax so we are determined to reach our target.

Someone should contact the Oxford English Dictionary, to advise them to add ‘chaotic and incompetent’ to the definition of ‘successful’.

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