Failing to add up

Some of the documents in Swindon Borough Council’s budget consultation (which closes on Wednesday 6th February) give the distinct impression of knitted garments of ovine origin being used as a visual impediment. Having only looked at the summary, I’m already feeling distinctly dizzy.

In addition, the Council has identified a further £2.5m of savings that have no adverse impact on services received by the public.

These include:

  • securing alternative funding sources for services (mainly from health and schools)
  • Increased income levels (e.g. from increased leisure charges or specific Government grants)

If, instead of paying for a service through the council tax, I now have to pay everytime I use said service, whilst still paying the same, if not more, council tax, is that not an ‘adverse impact’? If a service is to be provided, someone, somewhere has to pay for it. In suggesting that it has become cheaper, a ‘saving’, when all that’s happened is that the point of payment has been shifted, the council is being rather economical with the truth.

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