Caroline who?

The latest in a string of red nest ministers to fly into Swindon to prop-up their Swindon colleagues ahead of the May local elections, Ms Flint has not made quite the impact on the Adver that she might have wished.

HOUSING Minister Caroline Fleet made a flying visit to Swindon during a tour of the south west to talk about affordable housing.

Caroline Who? The mistake is repeated twice more in the story: only the photograph caption has her correct name.

Ms Flint’s own comments about Swindon Borough Council are hardly faultless either.

The current administration has failed to meet its own housing targets

Aah… smell the hypocrisy. According to her ministerial biography, until January,

Her ministerial responsibilities included the labour market, welfare to work and child poverty.

Clearly, Ms Flint is someone very familiar with missed targets.

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