No room for the old: an essay in little boxes part 14

There weren’t many buildings in the part of Swindon’s front garden that is to be developed: just four. West Leaze cottages were demolished last December, Westlecott Farm was demolished this February. Now South Leaze Farm Cottages look like they are heading the same way. That will just leave South Leaze Farm. It seems wasteful that in their plans, the for 4,500 new houses, the developers cannot find a space for just four old ones. Is there not something to gain by having a little charm and character in an otherwise uniform modern development? West Leaze cottages have made way for nothing more than a road junction, which could easily have been moved 20′ south to allow them to remain. It would seem that the Wichelstowe planners are thoroughly unimaginative.
South Leaze Farm Cottages in JanuarySouth Leaze Farm Cottages in April

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