Hoist by his own quango

’Tis odd what Mr Wills thinks will impressive his constituents. There’s many that question the value to Swindon of the New Swindon Company — there’s little that it does that seemingly would not happen if it didn’t exist. Having claimed it as his own creation. it’s not surprising that he’s somewhat disappointed that the company disapproves of his own government’s reduction to business rate relief on empty commercial properties. That Mr Wills regards concern over a policy that is leading to premature demolition of vacant commercial properties in central Swindon as “destructive, ill-informed game-playing” and has nothing constructive to say himself on the issue suggests that he cares little for the town he represents. In Swindon, the widespread demolition ahead of regeneration now delayed by the stalling economy is a clear blight on the town centre. The concerns raised deserve a considered response.

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