Politicians have a poor reputation when it comes to being honest and truthful. So you’d think that any politician keen to improve their credibility would, when they have to go back on a commitment made earlier — to ‘secure’ playing fields for community enjoyment after a school closes, say — try to show some real regret and to explain carefully the reason for abandoning their earlier commitments. I guess Mr Sammels cares little for his credibility.

It was out of our control. The plans have changed, as since then there has been further consultation. I am glad we are keeping the leisure centre at the site but it is a shame they are building on that part of the land. But it is the only land they can use.

To say that ‘The plans have changed’ is stating the obvious and explains nothing. If by ‘our’ Mr Sammels is referring just to himself and his fellow St Philips ward councillors, then that is a rather narrow interpretation that few will accept. Mr Sammels is from the nest that controls Swindon Borough Council and this is land owned by the council being sold to fund school development for the council. The economics may have changed since last year; control of the council has not.

Behaviour like this deserves all the ridicule it has received.

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