Coming in to Orbit

Whilst not having any great interest in this myself — and regular readers may find what follows rather dull too — I am aware that quite a few readers land upon one of my earlier posts having done a search for ‘When does M & S open at the Orbital Centre?’ or something similar. Now, I don’t know the answer to that, and it’s almost a year since Marks and Spencer announced plans for a store at the Orbital Shopping Centre. Not a lot seems to have happened since then, and Marks & Spencer’s store finder still rather oddly shows unit C1B of the Orbital Shopping Park as being in Swindon town centre. It also declares — as it has done all year — that the shop will be closed for the next seven weeks. However, M&S have just submitted a planning application to allow them to add their signage to the building, so perhaps M&S at the Orbital Centre might be open early in 2009.

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