The wonder of Woolies

That was the wonder of WooliesThis morning the sales signs were being cleared from the windows of the now closed Woolworths store in Regent Street. It will leave a big gap in the town centre… but probably only physically. With every passing acquisition and demerger — of which there were several — the offering and Woolworths was diminished. Much of its hardware range was lost to B&Q and much of its electrical range to Comet, both of which were once part of the same group. The Woolworths of my childhood was a store more like Wilkinson is today. In its final years, Woolworths seemed to be the home of a narrow range of overpriced low quality goods. Its one bright point was its chocolate range at Easter, but a store chain cannot survive on chocolate eggs alone.

In the end, the wonder of Woolies was that it survived quite as long as it did.

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