Councillors fiddle whilst the economy burns

With the economy in trouble and Swindon seemingly suffering particularly hard, it would be nice to think that our councillors are concentrating on steering the town through the economic storm. Perhaps considering options to get the regeneration of the town centre back on track, or looking for ways encourage some of what little investment is available to be made in Swindon.

Sadly, the reality is that our politicians are instead busying themselves with the pettier side of politics. From the blue nest there are rumours of infighting. From the red nest come shallow gestures aimed more at getting publicity than having an economic impact — ’tis odd that the red nest now feel they could live without big councillor allowances, when just three months ago they voted in favour of them, and still have their snouts in the trough at the local police authority.

With there being no local election this year, it’ll be another year yet before our local politicians get a necessary reminder that they’re elected to represent the people of Swindon, not just themselves.

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