An unhealthy approach to advertising

Mr Montgomery, owner of a gym that I’m neither going to name nor link to, is facing legal action from Swindon Borough Council for advertising without consent. His protestations of semi-innocence somewhat understate his activities.

It seems funny that the council seems free to advertise its own gyms outside the Oasis Leisure Centre but I can’t advertise mine outside my own gym. It is pure hypocrisy. There are plenty of businesses I see around the town with these types of posters up yet I see no one else being prosecuted. I feel I am being picked on.

Outside his own gym? If that was the only place he advertised, it might not be so bad. But what about the banners advertising his gym that have been attached on several occasions to the railings around Faringdon Road Park, or those often attached to numerous wire fences around town?

Mr Montgomery’s advertising is just rather elaborate fly-posting, and equally unwelcome. The sooner the council take action against him the better.

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