Bradshaw admits public sector recruitment bias

Mr Bradshaw has recently announced the creation of over 600 publicly funded jobs to massage the unemployment figures help young unemployed people into work. The jobs are, almost without exception, in the public sector, including 142 at the National Monuments Record Centre in Swindon. According to Mr Bradshaw these jobs usually go to rich kids.

[T]hese are great jobs — jobs in sectors that can be really tough to break into, that are usually the preserve of better off children whose parents have the contacts to get them a foot in the door.

Err… so he’s saying that after twelve years of his government and all its bluster about inclusiveness, recruitment to public sector jobs is biased, favouring the wealthy with contacts, rather than recruiting on merit.

It’s nice of Mr Bradshaw to confirm that the old boy network is alive and well under New Labour.

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