Swindon Borough Council recently suggested that if the owner doesn’t do some basic maintenance of the Mechanics Institute building within the next three months they may compulsorily purchase it. According to Mr Singh in his latest tirade against against the council,

the south side of the building is complete.

Mr Singh clearly has a rather draughty and scaffolding-clad view of ‘complete’.
Completely incomplete. Photo © komadori.
Complete… with draughts. Photo © komadori.
As for the remainder of the building, it’s condition is deplorable.
Mechanics Institute north side. Photo © komadori.Mechanics Institute fly tower. Photo © komadori.
As Mr Singh now says he is accepting offers, perhaps an organisation with the funds and experience to restore this neglecting building will express an interest. In many ways, it could be an ideal public venue to compliment the nearby headquarters of the National Trust.

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