Secret manifesto: local elections 2010 round 3

I’d like to read the local red nest manifesto, which they launched today. However, in a wonderful bit of poor planning, their old website,, had been taken offline, whilst their new website, was, until ½ hour ago password protected. Even though the website is now accessible, the manifesto isn’t obvious as such. Even the ‘featured story’ about its launch doesn’t provide a link. It’s sort of there, as a series of stories, but not as a single document, and not clearly labelled as their manifesto. Seeing as the manifesto was completed by 18th February — going by the dates on the website — they’re not very quick out of the starting blocks. I’d also subscribe to the newsfeed from their website, but the most obvious link provided doesn’t work either.

If you want to see the Swindon Labour manifesto in the form it will be distributed, for the moment the only place to do so is on TalkSwindon.

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