Mixing things up: local elections round 6

I’ve been rather inundated by election leaflets today. One came this evening from Mr Buckland, claiming that he called, though it clearly wasn’t him — he was doing t’other side of the street. This morning it was the turn of the reds, one leaflet for Ms Snelgrove making many claims for how she’d like to spend our money, but nothing about how to bring down the crippling government debt her party has left us with; and another leaflet for Mr Wright.

Vote twice! Click for larger image.I’m not sure whose campaign Mr Wright is fighting, his own or Ms Snelgrove. Almost half of the text is devoted to what Mr Cameron would do in government — a vote for Mr Wright could have no effect on that. And surely if, as Mr Wright believes, the blue-run Swindon Borough Council has wasted our money, surely we should delighted if, as Mr Wright believes, Mr Cameron is proposing they should have less of our money to waste?

I like my local politicians to stick to local issues, and a councillor such as Mr Wright advising me on who to vote for in a general election is no more welcome than the pointless yah-boo motions criticising national government pushed through Swindon Borough Council by the local blues.

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