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First bumble of spring

I saw this bumble bee this morning and it spent a long time in this one flower, getting thoroughly smothered in pollen. This photograph was taken after it had brushed most of the pollen off.
A happy bumble bee


As it’s been a sunny day, komadori has been busy repairing the roof on his nest and assembling a water butt. (These two things aren’t directly related, though both were prompted by last weekend’s very heavy rain.)

When not crawling around on his conservatory roof or fighting with flat-packed water storage vessels (’tis strange that every flat-pack product sold allegedly only requires ‘minimal assembly’), there’s been a little time to admire Ms Bumble busy at work in the garden.

A tad underwhelming

This story from the Swindon Evening Advertiser set me thinking

According to neighbours the bag was left behind in the middle of the road by two youths, who had been seen carrying it.

When the bag split they apparently made a run for it, leaving their living cargo behind. Kim believes that there may have been as many as three or four hundred frogs in the bag….
Residents called the RSPCA but no-one from the organisation has visited the road yet.

Quite a few of the frogs died. If the bag had contained several kittens, I’m sure there would have been a quicker response, and the tone of the article much more outraged, but because it’s frogs rather than some furry or feathery animal, few are concerned. Human interest in animal welfare is a very selective thing.