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A proper pie

Whilst it is clearly bad news for the 400 people that may be made redundant by Pork Farms in Trowbridge, as a long standing addict of Melton Mowbray Pork Pies I am sure that it is in the long term interest of the quality and sales of genuine Melton Pies that their production is restricted to the area around said town. Trowbridge pies just do not taste like proper Melton Mowbray pies.

Pie and pudding report

’Tis Friday, but there was no battered fish on offer in the canteen today. Breaded fish and poached fish, but not battered. Very disappointing. So disappointing that I had to resort to the ‘vegetable and lamb pie’, the filling of which was rather thin. The canteen gravy contributed more lamb flavour than the pie. I think that is all that need be said on this poor offering. They could definitely learn from the Terra Nova in Cardiff.

The chocolate and strawberry sponge pudding was a little more satisfying. Suitably moist, but rather an all or nothing affair when it came to the strawberries — they would have been better chopped rather than whole.

All-in-all a bad day rounded off with a poor culinary offering and England losing their first match in the cricket world cup.

Pie ’n’ mash

Had a very good pie today at Terra Nova, which is a pub at Mermaid Quay on Cardiff Bay. It was a little lacking in gravy (just a squirt of thickish gravy around the mash) and in vegetables and the placing of the pie on top of the mash was rather too nouvelle cuisine for a meal like pie ’n’ mash, but the pie was definitely a cut above the average pub pie. Well filled with succulent meat in a beer gravy. Delicious. The pint of Brains Dark was good too.

Pork pies

I don’t wish to get into the argument over the rights and wrongs of the Food Standards Agency’s traffic light labelling for food. However, I have noticed a certain selectivity at my local supermarket as to which foods are so labelled. (A supermarket which has taken its ‘Try something different today’ slogan to the extreme of replacing many of its food aisles with clothing. What to they want me to do — eat a T-shirt?) Its more upmarket ranges (Be good to yourself, Taste the difference) seem to be almost entirely labelled with the Wheel of Health. Its cheaper ranges, such as Basics are almost totally devoid of them. So those ranges most likely to appeal to those parts of the community where obesity is most prevalent are the ones where the simple guidance of the FSA’s scheme is missing. Similarly expensive ready meals are fully traffic light labelled, cheaper snacks, like pasties and pork pies, are not. So, in the interests of public health, here, based on the FSA’s technical guidance is the nutrition information for a Sainsburys 150 g Melton Mowbray Pork Pie. Per 100 grams

Carbohyrate:            21.7 g
of which sugars         1.1 g   low
Fat                        25.9 g   high
of which saturates    9.6 g   high
Salt                        1.8 g   high

Admittedly, I didn’t need a brightly coloured label to realise that a pork pie was not the healthiest food on offer. But there are many that might benefit from, at least, a reminder at the point of purchase of what it and similar foods contain.

Oh, and before anyone asks, yes the pork pie, washed down with a glass (or two) of honeysuckle wine, was very enjoyable.