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Service almost as usual. Photo © komadori 2010.Credit where it’s due, although Swindon may not have had the 6 to 12 inches of snow that some were forecasting, the council workers have done an excellent job of keeping the main streets relatively clear of snow. Many pavements in central Swindon had also received a good dose of salt — unlike last year — and most urban bus services were running.

Those responsible for running Swindon’s schools have a lot to learn from the town’s businesses and other public services.

It’s all in the timing

How clever of the Adver, on the day rain washed much of the remaining snow away, to publish a story exalting residents to clear the pavements in front of their homes. Reporting has never been so timely….

All white

A few photographs of the snow, taken on the way to work today.
Park bench in snow
Wheels in the snow
Snow and chips

Near and far

Night snow with one-way foot traffic’Tis odd that where I work, a contractor managed to make his way in to work all the way from Gravesend in Kent, yet several schools in Swindon, where there’s been far less snow, were closed. In some cases, apparently, this was despite both teachers and pupils lived locally.

The aforementioned contractor only gets paid if he works. For him taking the day off would mean a pay cut, not a holiday.


Nice to see that, for once, a few inches of snow did not result in a massive stay-away from work. Strange that schoolteachers have a different attitude to everyone else though. In my office, people off-work because their children were at home greatly outnumbered those off-work because the snow stopped them getting in.