A musical interlude

I’ve no idea who Ms Laura Pulham of St Leonards on Sea is. I very much doubt that she reads this website. However, I do know that she has at some point bought from Hughes Direct (who also trade as HomeCinemaTV) a pink Sony MP3 player. I also know that she recently returned said item to the suppliers for repair. Unfortunately, someone at Hughes Direct appears to have mistaken her name with mine and to have misread ‘St Leonards on Sea’ as ‘Swindon’, not to mention confusing a rather small package that could contain a portable MP3 player with a more bulky one that could contain a hifi tuner. I Hope Ms Pulham finds a bulky tuner a convenient item to strap around her waist for a seafront stroll, as an alternative to a small, light MP3 player. However, I suspect she may not find it to be the fashion accessory that she wished for. Alas, until Messrs Hughes Direct return my call and correct their erroneous delivery, the little pink MP3 player will remain in my possession and not hers.

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